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Demon Prince
For the Deamons Regna spell by Cairath for Transformania-Time!

"There are creatures out there that are so beautiful and strong that men and women alike merely throw themselves at their feet, looking to serve them. Before you stands such a person, an inhumanely tall man with a body chiseled by the gods themselves upon first glance. His complexion appears tanned lightly by the sun, all leading up to a symmetrical face with eyes that undressed anyone with only one gaze. Two ardent horns escape from his head, often surrounded by a crown. Black hair fell from his head in an enchanting loom, his muscles visible yet not exaggerated. His long fingers beckon anyone closer, daring them to try him. With quite an arrogant and royal air about him, the Demon Prince speaks with the eloquence of a highly educated scholar, all while seeing others as servants. His large hands know how to punish and please as well, the sight of his raised palm often inflicting fear upon those that have felt it against their behind."
It's been a while, I've been working on a thing for a friend. It's a little big for here, so I made a tumblr.

Umm, what's next? Buu... probably like, more TF time stuff, I dunno! We'll see. Please enjoy.
Merging Minx
"This playful woman has the ability to merge with a person's body, and reshape it at will. She'll feel everything her owner feels while she's merged with them, just more incentive to use her abilities to cause as much pleasure as possible. She would never do anything to harm her owner, but she does enjoy playing with and teasing her owner, which can be quite distracting. She may be a (very distracting)handful at times, but many would argue that the benefits of having a playful yet loyal shapeshifter literally under your skin, are just too good to pass up."  

For the '
Make Me Merge' spell written by Veln for Transformania time. 
Keyhole Kitty
Cat wear's still very fashionable. A gift for someone I'm so into.
Corrupted Ange Ribbun
Angelic raiments twisted into bows and bondage bind this bunny boy. Lust has corrupted him, locking his holy heart and flooding it with a desire for release. His halo proudly resting below his head to assure that release never comes, holding him eternally a prisoner of his needs.


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dragons4everbro Featured By Owner May 7, 2016
it's almost been a year now...
I assumed the artist just took a break but now...
Joodoo Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015
*poke poke*  Keep on drawing!