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Tiny Moldable Clay Doll
For the 'Clay Companion' spell by DDD for Transformania-Time!

"To your great humiliation, your body has been reduced to a simple lump of clay, molded into the shape of a sexy, curvy, naked woman. You stand less than a foot tall and, although you can still move, you are completely unable to cast spells on your own - all your mana is your owner's to use now. When your owner's hands touch your body, it changes into soft, wet, moldable clay, that can be reshaped into any form they'd like - and for you it feels just heavenly, as your entire soft body becomes one big erogenous zone, making you moan internally every time they knead and form you... One day they might make you a little clay horsey. The next you find yourself a lovely dildo. No matter what strange and outlandish things they mold you into, though, you always return to your base form eventually - the lovely little naked clay lady."
Lion Stripper
For the 'Magic Mane' spell by Eyeofpasta for Transformania-Time!
This lovely entertainer is a handsome piece of meat. He is pretty flamboyant in a smooth kinda of way. He enjoys clubs, whether he is working on stage or just visiting. If you are nice enough, you may get a private dance. You will see the tight clothes he will usually wear as well as the fit bod he has under it. If you are even nicer, you may get a kinkier show, depending on what you want him to do to you."

Graciously commissioned by Judoo
Doe Scribble
I little sketch of the cute deertaur maid indulging in some cake. 
Child of Yig
For the 'The Father of Serpents' by Tora Vaundarius for Transformania-Time!

"This anthropomorphic snake has the scale pattern of a Copperhead snake. Its eyes are a deep amber and it scrutinizes you carefully. These "Children of Yig" as they call themselves, are very cunning and very protective of fellow snakes, whether they be anthropomorphic like themselves or not. You wonder at the legends you have heard, wondering whether Yig, the Father of Serpents, is real or not. Of course, the serpent before you couldn't care less what you think, they fully believe in their father and intend to please him."

Graciously commissioned by Judoo
Fire Breathing Dragoness
For the 'Firey Demise' spell by David 'Dragon Master' Arthur for Transformania-Time!

This once aspiring mage has now turned into what most fear- a fire breathing dragoness. This doesn't inhibit their ability to cast spells though. In fact, they're now much more protected, and has much better skills in the art of transforming people. Feeling no mercy, no compassion, and fearing no attackers, this dragon clad in red and black scales fears nothing from others, and is more then willing to assert itself on others to prove this to them."

Graciously commissioned by Judoo


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dragons4everbro Featured By Owner May 7, 2016
it's almost been a year now...
I assumed the artist just took a break but now...
Joodoo Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015
*poke poke*  Keep on drawing!